ABC Data is now the distributor of Toshiba Lighting consumer solutions in the CEE region
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ABC Data is now the distributor of Toshiba Lighting consumer solutions in the CEE region

Toshiba Lighting has started its expansion in Central and Eastern Europe. The expansion process will be supported by ABC Data S.A. is a leader in state-of-the art IT and consumer electronics distribution in the CEE region. The transformation of the Polish LED lighting market is facilitated by the energy efficiency and high quality of this solution. The extensive Toshiba Lighting portfolio includes LED replacements of traditional bulbs and halogen lamps. ABC Data has just become the exclusive distributor of Toshiba Lighting solutions in the CEE region.

A new contract has cast fresh light on the lighting range of ABC Data. To company's portfolio now includes a wide array of Toshiba Lighting LED lamps. Importantly, ABC Data is the exclusive distributor of the brand's consumer solutions in all CEE countries where it operates.

“We seek to provide our customers with all the products that are necessary for popular everyday applications, including in the lighting category. Due to a number of undeniable benefits, light sources based on LED technology are increasing their market share in the market segment,” explains Artur Rzysko, Director of the Household Appliances and Consumer Electronics Department at ABC Data. “Toshiba Lighting is a leading global manufacturer of such solutions. This is why we sought to establish direct cooperation. With our potential, as well as extensive and diversified sales channels in the CEE region, we can work towards the business objectives of our partner on the one hand while strengthening the position of ABC Data in yet another area,” adds Artur Rzysko.

Lighting plays a key role in people's lives. Access to quality light significantly affects human health and well-being. Consequently, choosing the right light sources for home or office is extremely important. Toshiba Lighting products are great for all popular work and leisure applications. The manufacturer views product quality and user safety as top priorities while also taking care of the environment. Toshiba's LED lights offer excellent energy-saving performance, long lifetime, high efficiency and low heat emission. Even the most demanding users will appreciate the warm and pleasant light temperature.

“We are really glad that ABC Data has become the sole distributor of Toshiba's lighting products, which we are launching in the consumer market. I strongly believe that as a leader in the distribution of IT hardware and consumer electronics in Central and Eastern Europe, ABC Data will provide us with its extensive knowledge and experience while ensuring great relations with key accounts,” says Grzegorz Kurzydłowski, CEO CO-Unity B.V., the exclusive distributor of the Toshiba Lighting brand in Europe. The company offers lighting solutions for individual customers, as well and clients from the public and industry sector. Its portfolio includes LED replacements for standard bulbs and professional light fittings with high technical parameters. The company also provides training and advisory services on modern lighting technology.

Toshiba Lighting are now available to ABC Data clients via the InterLink system. They can choose from several types of modern LED lamps of various design and power. The range will be consistently expanded to include new models and smart solutions, such as lighting control via mobile devices.


About CO-Unity:

CO-Unity B.V. is a sole representative of Toshiba lighting manufacturer. The company carries out its mission with Japanese precision. Their range of products includes smart lighting solutions intended for the public, private, and industrial sector. Toshiba lighting products include LED lamps and reflectors, lighting fittings, street lighting, and complete architectural lighting systems. A wide range of products enables Toshiba to reach a large group of customers. The technical parameters of the products are among the best – it has been confirmed by multiple independent test conducted at renowned laboratories.