LED Revolution: CO-Unity is putting the lighting by Toshiba on the Polish market
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LED Revolution: CO-Unity is putting the lighting by Toshiba on the Polish market

LED Revolution: CO-Unity is putting the lighting by Toshiba on the Polish market It intends to become one of the main players on the lighting market. CO-Unity B.V. - the official representative of the lightning manufacturer, Toshiba, is opening its first branch in Central-Eastern Europe. The company offers products from the line of consumer lightning that will reach the shop shelves this April. The offer also includes products intended for the public, farming and industry sectors.

LED lighting is currently one of the most dynamically developing markets in the world. In 2020 it is believed it will achieve the total value of 64 billion Euros. In terms of size, Poland is the second largest retail market in Central-Eastern Europe, hence our decision to open the branch. We are the exclusive representative of lighting by Toshiba in this part of Europe. Our main goal is to join the market leaders. – Grzegorz Kurzydłowski, CEO Co-Unity.

Toshiba ranks among the world leaders in the lighting industry. For over 125 years, Toshiba brand products have been manufactured with the highest Japanese precision. Co-Unity presents an energy efficient LED lighting system made by Toshiba that offers an alternative to the most popular, traditional sources of light.

The offer comprises products that have a wide application – including solutions for home, office complexes and production facilities. The lamps by Toshiba are more efficient, do not contain mercury and contribute to a significant reduction of carbon dioxide compared to other lightning solutions available on the market.

In the current offer of Co-Unity, you can find LED substitutes for traditional bulbs or halogens. All use LED diodes equipped with a special optic system that emits an eye-friendly light. The price itself is attractive, too. The substitutes for a classic bulb cost PLN 11–24.

On the client’s request, Co-Unity can provide products designed for public and farming sectors, as well as for industry. The LED technology is more and more commonly used in intelligent systems for lighting management, for example in urban centres, industry, office buildings and in plant farming. The product line for professional lighting of plant production will be put on the market in the third quarter of this year. Co-Unity wants to focus on providing innovative solutions for diverse businesses. Moreover, it sees educational campaigns about lightning as a priority.

Our recently conducted research has shown that over 60% of Poles do not know what the cost of using an ordinary bulb is. Furthermore, the lowest level of awareness of using lighting, in terms of costs and economic recommendations, prevails in the biggest metropolises. – Grzegorz Kurzydłowski.

Co-Unity has come up with an idea that may be interesting for companies looking for energy-efficient solutions. As a part of the Prometeusz program, they can rent a lighting system without the necessity of incurring the high costs of modernisation. The price of the lighting by Toshiba is a fixed charge starting at a couple of zlotys monthly. After the end of the rental period, the system becomes the property of the company. Moreover, Co-Unity guarantees free replacement of damaged elements throughout the whole period of usage.

About CO-Unity:

CO-Unity B.V. is a sole representative of Toshiba lighting manufacturer. The company carries out its mission with Japanese precision. Their range of products includes smart lighting solutions intended for the public, private, and industrial sector. Toshiba lighting products include LED lamps and reflectors, lighting fittings, street lighting, and complete architectural lighting systems. A wide range of products enables Toshiba to reach a large group of customers. The technical parameters of the products are among the best – it has been confirmed by multiple independent test conducted at renowned laboratories.