1. General terms and conditions of warranty
    1. CO-UNITY B.V., with registered office at ul. Strawinskylaan 411, 1077 XX Amsterdam, the Netherlands, hereinafter referred to as the "Warrantor", hereby grants a warranty for lighting products, as described herein.
    2. The Warrantor declares that the products are free of production and material defects and, if they are used as intended, they will operate properly at least for the period of the duration of the warranty cover, subject to the cases described herein.
    3. The Warrantor grants a warranty for the products sold for the period of:
      a) for LED luminaires, brand TOSHIBA for 5, 3 or 2 years, depending on the product category,
      b) for LED light sources, brand TOSHIBA for 5 or 2 years, depending on the product category
    4. The warranty applies only if the following conditions are met:
      • The warranty covers only production defects and defects due to the causes inherent in the goods, i.e. hidden defects resulting from production defects or hidden material defects;
      • The luminaires should be operated, installed and stored in accordance with the information contained in the data sheet and the installation instructions;
      • Unless specified otherwise in the data sheet, the Toshiba luminaires are intended for standard operating conditions;
      • Standard conditions are characterised by ambient temperature in the range from -10 °C to +25 °C, humidity: < 85%, pressure: 690-1060 hPa;
      • The luminaires should not be used in environment conditions threatening the structure, paint coat or electrical devices installed in the luminaire. These conditions include: high humidity, temperature, dust, presence of UV non-inert chemicals in the air, shocks and vibrations;
      • The technical data sheet contains a detailed description of the product as well as general guidelines for use, which refer to standard operating conditions;
      • If the product is intended for an operating environment, which requires special technical properties, these properties should be listed in the technical data sheet. If special technical features are not specified, the fitting of the luminaire requires arrangements with the CO-UNITY B.V. Technical Department via e-mail sent to the following address:
      • If the conditions, in which the luminaires are to operate, deviate from the conditions they are intended for, before making the purchase, the Buyer shall inform the Warrantor of the conditions in the place of installations of the luminaires, and the Warrantor must confirm the possibility of their use in such an environment;
      • The products shall be used in accordance with their intended use and the provided product specification (installation instructions, technical data sheet, label), and service inspections shall also be carried out in consultation with the CO-UNITY B.V.; if such a requirement is provided for in the documentation accompanying the products;
      • The installation of the products shall be carried out in a professional manner by the authorised personnel, according to the conditions specified in the installation instructions accompanying the products and the product technical data sheet and following the rules of the art and technical knowledge;
      • Any modification of the product functions or a software update may be carried out only by the luminaire manufacturer or by a third party designated by the luminaire manufacturer;
      • Any repair or maintenance of the products may be carried out only with the use of expert knowledge and according to the manufacturer's recommendations;
      • The products shall not be subjected to unintended mechanical and / or chemical overloads, which threatens the luminaire structure, paint coat or electronic components inside the luminaire;
      • Ambient temperature and supply voltage shall not exceed the rated values specified for the products in the specifications or technical standards.
    5. Violation of these rules and other rules set out therein will result in the loss of warranty rights.

  2. Scope of warranty
    1. The warranty period commences on the day of purchase of the product by the Buyer specified in the VAT invoice or other document confirming the purchase of the product.
    2. To the extent permitted by law, the Buyer's rights under the warranty for defects referred to in the Civil Code are excluded.
    3. This warranty covers only product defects resulting from design, material or production errors as well as from exceeding the average nominal failure rate, which for electronic components (power supplies, controllers, ballasts, LED modules) is 0.2% of damage per 1000 hours of work, unless otherwise stated in the product technical data sheets / brochures.
    4. The warranty does not cover:
      • Natural wear and tear of materials, such as: discolouration or loss of elasticity of plastic parts (for example, yellowing polycarbonate lamp-shade), tarnishing of paint coat due to ambient conditions, ageing process etc.;
      • Defects resulting from damaged software, viruses, software update or restart services, incorrect component settings, damages resulting from wear, pollution or third party activities (in particular, installers using products under the warranty) etc.;
      • Defects resulting from the influence of chemical, thermal, mechanical, light and other factors, the impact of which on the products resulting form actions or omissions contrary to the operating instructions and technical knowledge;
      • Additional costs associated with the recognition of the warranty and the removal of defects, which include: costs of assembly and disassembly of the defective product. These costs shall be covered by the Buyer;
      • Products with removed, covered or illegible serial numbers, product numbers, luminaire names, marks identifying their manufacturer or other markings allowing their identification.
    5. The parameters of the new LED luminaires have tolerance of +/- 10% for luminous flux, power and colour temperature. Unless the product specification provides otherwise, the warranty for products using LED technology does not cover damage and natural deterioration of the product parameters, if during the period of the rated lifespan (specified in the product technical data sheet), a criterion of luminous flux loss L70B50 defined in the standard IEC 62717 is fulfilled.

  3. Warranty claim
    1. Any claim should be made by means of a complaint form available at:
    2. The Buyer submitting a complaint shall complete the complaint form and send it to the Warrantor without delay.
    3. Any warranty claim should be submitted to the Warrantor in writing to the following address: Poland, Warszawa al. Jerozolimskie 96, 00—807 with the inscription "Toshiba complaint" or via e-mail to the address: with a detailed description of the defect found and attached proof of product purchase (VAT invoice, fiscal bill or copy of the purchase agreement) and a documented description the resulting defect, otherwise the warranty rights may be lost. The Buyer shall also provide its contact details allowing the Warrantor to contact quickly.
    4. The Warrantor shall consider the complaint within the statutory period of 14 days of delivery of the documents specified in section 3.3.
    5. The Warrantor reserves the right to extend this period, if the defective goods have to be returned for detailed technical analysis, the Warrantor shall immediately inform the Buyer of this fact.
    6. The Warrantor shall inform the complainant of considering the complaint in writing, via fax or via e-mail according to the data indicated in the complaint.
    7. The Warrantor's liability shall be limited to the maximum value of the products on the day of their purchase.
    8. If the warranty claim is accepted, the Warrantor shall ultimately decide (in accordance with the expectations of the complainant), whether to repair the defective product, to replace it with a product free of defects, to reduce its price, to return the price or to replace it with a product with the same use and similar technical parameters, parameters, when the product being a subject of complaint has been withdrawn from the offer. The return of the price is possible, when a repair or replacement is impossible or requires excessive cost, or the seller has not replaced the product with a new one or has not fixed it in a timely manner, or a replacement or repair would expose the complainant to significant inconvenience.
    9. By repairing a defective product, the Warrantor allows for replacement of components with used or regenerated components, which in terms of performance, functionality and reliability are equivalent to new components and are free of defects and material defects.
    10. In the course of the warranty process, the repair of the product or its replacement with a product free of defects is made free of charge.
    11. A new warranty period commences on the day of delivery of the product, which is free of defects. If the Warrantor has made a significant repair, the warranty period for the product starts from the beginning. If the Warrantor has replaced some parts, the warranty period for such a part starts from the beginning. In other cases, the warranty period is extended by the time, during which, due to the defect of an item under the warranty, the beneficiary of the warranty could not use it.
    12. If the complaint is accepted, the Warrantor shall fulfil the statutory warranty obligation within 14 days, unless any circumstances beyond the Guarantor's control arise, which may have an impact on extension of this period, including, but not limited to: need to perform additional laboratory tests, ordering non-standard components that will be used in the repaired luminaire, which requires their delivery from the suppliers, etc.
    13. If the complaint has been submitted unreasonably, the Buyer shall pick up the product. In the event that the product is not picked up upon the Warrantor's request, the Buyer shall be charged with cost of storing the product, or the cost of its return.

  4. Other provisions
    1. If the Buyer or any third party designated by the Buyer makes any intervention, repair, alternation or defect removal in the product, without a written consent of the Warrantor, any claims under this warranty expire as soon as they are made.
    2. The warranty also becomes void if the products are misapplied or misused.
    3. If the Buyer receives a complaint notification, the Warrantor reserves the right to inspect the defects of the products being the subject of the complaint at their place of use. If the Buyer does not give consent for the Warrantor or a representative designated by the Warrantor to conduct such an inspection, it shall be treated as withdrawal from the warranty claim.
    4. The Warrantor provides the possibility of performing paid service repairs of products, including also post-warranty repairs, the terms of which will each time be agreed between the Buyer and the Warrantor.
    5. Within the limits covered by applicable law, CO-UNITY B.V. shall not be liable for any loss, damage, increased costs or expenses, for any deterioration of product usability or functionality, for any product damage, for any lost benefits, savings, contracts, revenues nor for any loss or additional costs not resulting from the direct fault of CO-UNITY B.V.
    6. The law applicable to this Warranty is Polish law.
    7. The terms and conditions of the warranty are available on the distributor's website at: